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Welcome To My Home Page

    This game is newest in the budokai line of game.It is budokai 2. It will have alot of new modes this time around. there will also be new types of  graphics  to the game. Ther will be a new mode called dragon world . In this mode you will have to find the dragonballs . more info on this game  will be posted at a later date.I will also have info on budokai when it comes out. Also I will try to get any info on the game. Last updated 3/5/04

Listing Site Updates
I have new pictures from drogon ballz games.
new budokai 2 pics.check out budokai 2 pictures we have some new pictures.Also i will start to sale dbz products on my site.

Check out are catalage page.
supersaijin4 gogeta
this is a cool game if your into dbz.

New announsments
new budokai 2 pictures check budokai 2 pictures
We will start to sale dbz products.Also check out our forum it a pretty good forum but it can use some work.
budokai forums

Get free electronics
I have found a way to get free elctronics.It is perfectly legal.I talk more about this in a later date.

Goku in super buu are fighting
cool picture
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